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About Us

the creator

Growing up, one of the biggest questions I faced was “What will I be when I grow up?” Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer and owning my own brand. By the end of high school I had a better idea of what my passion was; unlimited creativity. I had realized that fashion my way to define myself in my everyday life and so I decided to indulge into something I loved.

I enrolled myself in the Textiles: Craft and Apparel Design program at the College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s. This program gave me the opportunity to expose myself to different forms of art and understand how to create beautiful things. This is where my fashion journey began. When graduating this program, I knew I had to continue into the fashion industry and became eager to know more.

Currently I am studying at LaSalle College in Montreal in fashion design where my knowledge continues to grow. My goal is to tribute the life I have been living through my experiences and inspirations. My work represents my personality but also all the little things that make me who I am. Together I bring forward all the components in my life that mean the most to me.

My apparel pieces are the result of the opportunity I was given to understand the fashion industry. Finally I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my journey and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Thanks for making all of this possible.

Emilie Pittman

the brand

The brand in simplest form combines the names of Emilie (the founder) and her dog Mabel. Em&May was born in 2017 with the idea to provide thoughtfully designed prints and garments for the everyday individual.

Originally from Newfoundland, its founder and designer incorporates the natural beauty of her home province with the creative edginess of Montreal, focusing on street wear trends along with her own personal inspirations.